I like to solve problems and empower people.

This maybe a simple “how to” training session to bringing up a WordPress e-commerce site from nothing.

I will listen to you to understand your needs and vision.

I will ask a lot of questions to accurately understand those needs and to build in my mind “your big picture”.

To achieve your goal(s) I will work with you create a schedule, to include milestones, a prioritized list of needs and most important a completion date.

After working with so many clients I found a completion date is essential to the success of the project. It is a focal point for my client and myself to drive to.

Without a completion date projects will often flounder, take forever or crash.

This is like flying by the seat of your pants. If you are alone flying an airplane this is usually not a bad thing as it does not impact other people.

If you are flying an airplane with passengers who count on you to survive the flight, you need to know your destination, the capabilities of your airplane, how much fuel it will take to get there and the rules of the air. It also helps to know how to fly.

Passengers, direct and indirect, may include yourself, family members, employees, shareholders and or company owners.

Using this analogy you own an airplane but do not know how to fly or have the time to learn. You hire me as your pilot. I fly you to your destination, safely and within budget.

Keep in mind there is only so much fuel in the airplane to get there. If the budget is tight then we may need to alter the destination. A prioritized list of needs may be used to lighten the load.

As the pilot I need to let you know how much fuel we need since everyone’s lives depend on not running out of fuel. I am pretty good at sticking to a budget.

To show your commitment I need fifty percent down payment to start the flight. At the end of the flight I need the balance to pay for the other half of the fuel. Usually the end of the flight is two days after your web site is launched or project is completed. The little extra time is reserved for the final touches.

If this sounds like a flight you want to take let me know and we can plan a route to get you to your destination safely and in one piece.