A hacked WordPress web site can damage your reputation and interrupt your business activities. I will identify the source, remove the source of the infection, add security to minimize your risk of reinfection and help you remove your website from any blacklists. I also include guidance to prevent future reinfections.


Relationships with IT staff, webmasters, or web site developers change over a period time. Often you may find yourself without access  to your WordPress web site, hosting account and or domain registration. I can assist you to recover all your Internet assets and set you up to own and control your assets.

Troubleshoot / Repair

WordPress is a great content management tool but nothing is absolutely fool proof. Things break over time, admin accidents or neglect can bring down or degrade your web site. I can investigate the issue(s) and provide a solution to get you back on track.

Monitor / Update

WordPress core, theme and plugin updates are essential to maintain a healthy WordPress installation. I provide a business continuity service where I monitor your website, WordPress core, themes and plugins for updates and issues that sometimes occur during an update. Or set you up for an automatic update and recovery plan.